What Science Says: Parents of The Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things

What Science Says: Parents of The Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things

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Being a parent can be quite challenging but it is the most wonderful job on earth. You get to nurture and bring up your kinds in the most wonderful way possible. Once you are a parent, your whole priorities shift and you want your kids to live a happy and successful life. Your life centers around them and you simply cannot leave any stone unturned to make them grow into smart and independent individuals.

Scientists believe that holistic and stress-free parents led their children to be successful.

In addition to that, successful people’s parents have these 10 things in common and here is the list:

1. They offer the best growing environment

Parents who know the downsides of growing up in a bad neighborhood will try to afford the best growing environment or the neighborhood. They would move to the location where there are the best facilities available that can be given to the children. It may be controversial but if you go by the advice of parents who had successful kids, they would suggest you do the same. The right neighborhood would give them the exposure they need.

2. They encourage positive relationships

Parents of successful kids teach them to succeed in good and positive relationships. After 75 years of research at Harvard, they have concluded that good relationships will always keep you happier and way healthier. Thus, they will try to encourage as much as good relationships one can have.

3. They give the children the desired praise in a systematic way

They do know when to praise their child. They praise their kids in such a way that they are motivated to develop that particular life skill so that it can be inculcated in a lifelong skill. This would encourage the child to acquire problem-solving skills which could be applied anywhere in his or her life. They praise their children for the hard work they have put to succeed in a task irrespective of the result. It can be winning in a small race or topping in a test. The basic goal is to make sure the child develops a growth mindset instead of focusing on winning and losing.

4. These parents teach their kids to do the chores early

Parents do teach their kids to do their chores. This would teach them independence and also would make them responsible for their work. No matter how much ever the child is tired, they never do their homework or their daily chores for them. They teach the child to be independent as he or she can.

5. They ensure that their kids always have their back

Though they teach them how to survive on their own, the parents would still give assurance about their unflinching support to their kids. Whether it is financial or emotional, they would always be there for their child. If the child is in trouble, the parents do help them guiding them to come out of the problem by their own and not helping them to complete the work for them.

Parents who support their kids emotionally are generally stable than the other parents who scold them for overreacting.

6. Parents help their kids to bounce back as soon as possible

Parents whose kids are super successful make them learn the art of bouncing back from tough and difficult situations. They make them resilient and build that capacity in them where they recover from any setbacks quickly. This would allow them to face as many as failures possible but still be back in the game. This can only happen when they religiously follow point number 3 where they praise them for working hard and being courageous instead of not congratulating them on winning and scold them on losing.

7. Advocating for them in school life

So, you need to defend your child in the school as a parent and take any constructive feedback from his or her teachers so that you could improve the skills. There is the need for being an authoritative figure for your kids in front of the teachers and encourage the kids to work harder instead of scoring good marks and grades

The ultimate success of a kid’s life is their parental involvement in their academics and the representation in the school.

8. They do not stress but motivate them about their goals

This is simple. The parents do it in the form of telling their kids subtly of their high expectations they have of them. Please see that it should be subtle and not forcefully. Parents who keep reminding their children about their high expectations in the struggle to keep their parents happy. They do not indulge in any wrongdoings and are aware of what they are supposed to do keep their parents happy.

9. They give the liberty to choose the life partner

When their kids have grown adult enough, they would make sure that their child is given the full liberty to choose their life partner but at the same time take care of it. They as a fact know that if their child is married to a good person, it would motivate them to perform better and lead a successful life.

10. They make sure their kids dream high and big

Parents of successful kids have only one motto. Dream big. Parents encourage their kids to develop the entrepreneurial skills that can help to crack from any situation they encounter. Thus, they encourage them to be rich and achieve their dreams.


Thus, here are the 10 things that are found in all those parents whose kids are successful now. Each and everyone now has all the life and survival skills thanks to their parents.

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