7 Things to Do to Keep Yourself Entertained While Stuck at Home

7 Things to Do to Keep Yourself Entertained While Stuck at Home

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Sometimes you can find yourself stuck at home. You start to feel that you literarily have nothing to do. During this period, you begin to think that you are lonely and isolated. This, in turn, can give rise to various physical as well as psychological health issues.

I am not sure how you spent the lockdown during the spread of Covid 19. But I am certain that you felt fed-up and bored to death.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, and I hope not, there are some things that you can do to enjoy yourself.  So, what’s the wait for? Let’s get started!

1. Reading

Personally speaking, reading is my favorite hobby. When you read, you become a well–educated and sympathetic human being. You start to understand why people act the way they are doing, how to deal with cultural differences, and how to be open-minded and accept those who are different from you. You become able to see the massive world around you from various angles.

Moreover, when you read you become a critical thinker, who cannot accept anything said as a mere fact, but has the ability to ask “WHY”.  Reading can also reduce stress and anxiety.

If you have any books that you need to read, do it now while you are stuck at your house. Believe me, you will enjoy it greatly.

2. Meditation

Meditation has several benefits for your overall health. Meditation helps you to focus and concentrate, reduce stress, and heal emotional pain. Furthermore, it shows the capacity to enhance sleep quality and reduce chronic insomnia.

Additionally, Meditation encourages you to slow down which allows you to understand yourself deeply. Therefore, improve self-awareness. David Lynch once said: “the thing about meditation is you become more you.”

If you have never practiced meditation before, you can use some apps to help you do that. Some of which are Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer.

Do not forget to create a meditation corner in your house and decorate it the way you love.

3. Cooking

Cooking is not as simple as you think. Indeed, it is an activity that you can practice to relieve stress and anxiety. It provides you with the opportunity to be creative and innovative.

More than that, cooking can make you happier. It is a therapeutical activity that improves your mindset. In addition, cooking is a great way that can bring your family together and enjoy delicious meals.

If you have just started learning how to cook, you can get some inspiration from the internet, cookbooks, or TV stations like Food Channel.

4. Organizing

It may look simple, but organizing has a huge impact on your mental health. It helps at reducing stress and overwhelm. When you keep your home organized and clean, you bring peace to both your space and life. It enables you to think logically and rationally.

Remember, a clean home is a happy home. When you organize every single item in its appropriate place, you make life, in a way, easy for you.

5. Learning a New Skill

With extra time, the best thing is to learn a new skill. Doing so, you will automatically make your body active. Additionally, learning a new skill helps you to have new perspectives on this massive world.

Growing your skillset allows you to learn new experiences and train your brain to handle various challenges. You, then, stop belittling yourself. As you finally recognize how useful you are and that makes you feel happy and mentally healthy.

Don’t know how to start? Ask yourself what you want to know. Playing piano, programming, or others. Just use the internet; several resources are there to help you take your first step.

6. Learning a New Language

Learning a new language does not simply mean learning how to utter new words with their meanings. When you learn a new language, you learn a new culture, new ways of seeing, and a new perspective. It helps you to grow, to be a different and unique human being.

After all, this life is about learning and growing. So why not use your time to learn Arabic, for example!

Use some apps such as Duolingo to start the process of learning a new language.

7. Journal

Don’t know how to express your feelings? I can understand, as I sometimes cannot express how I feel. In moments like these, I like to write.

Free writing is a great way to develop yourself. On the other hand, it is an effective strategy to write how you really feel.

Writing can be a great cure if you are passing through some hardships. Just feel free to take a pencil and a journal, sit in your room, and start writing your thoughts and emotions.

Don’t pay attention to spelling or grammar. Just release the pain, if there is any, from your mind and your heart.

“Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.”- Julia Cameron.

Being stuck at home can have both some cons and pros. On one side, you have time to rest and take a pause. But if it gets too long, you may feel super bored and lonely.

However, once you learn how to entertain yourself, you start creating happiness from nothing. This article provides you with some ways to enjoy yourself while home. If you follow them, you will see positive changes in your life.

Last advice: LOVE YOURSELF.

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