10 Ways To Create A Work-Life Balance That Really Works For You

10 Ways To Create A Work-Life Balance That Really Works For You

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Achieving a work-life balance is very important for you as a professional woman. If there is the added weight and responsibility of motherhood, having a work-life balance is necessary. It is too easy to become consumed in work and grow a career in the modern world.

This can easily result in the neglect of basic self-care.  This is why it is important to achieve a balance with life while pursuing your dreams and setting your career goals.

The 10 ways to ensure a Work-Life Balance.

Schedule Your Time

Creating a work-life balance that works for you is really dependent on how you manage your time. It is easy to mismanage your time when you fail to schedule it and this can affect your work-life balance.

Since there are only 24 hours available in a day and 8 of the 24 hours is the recommended sleep time for adults, you only have 16 hours each day to prioritize what needs to be done.

Delegate Responsibilities

The importance of having a team that you can share responsibilities with can never be overemphasized. If you don’t have a team, try to create one that can be trusted to execute tasks given to them.

This will help remove a lot of weight from your shoulders and improve your work-life balance. This is very important for professional women coping with the stress of motherhood while working at the same time.


A lot of people make the mistake of prioritizing their work at all times. This can lead to an unhealthy work-life balance. Most times, people scrap or neglect exercise for a project, a client or a meeting. Exercises should not just be something you feel like doing, it must be a priority. Exercising regularly ensures that you have a healthy body which enables you to perform better at work. See why making exercise a priority is important for a healthy work-life balance

Focus On Your Strengths

Failures and weaknesses have a way of disrupting a healthy work-life balance. Instead of allowing your weaknesses to disrupt your work-life balance, focus on your strengths. Being a professional woman going through motherhood exerts enough strain on your balance as it is. Do not try to take over the jobs of others, focus on the tasks you know your way around, and do what you do best.

Manage Your Finances

This is an important step that can’t be left out. Finances are a very important aspect of one’s life. To maintain a healthy work-life balance as a professional woman or man, you have to be sure as to how your finance stands. It is easy to manage your finances once you have the right accounting tools. You can use this software to determine, review, and maintain your cash flow.

Make Your Workspace Comfortable

Assessing your workspace should be one of the first steps to take if your work-life balance is not ideal. The comfort of your workspace can determine how productive you are. So, it is no false move if you invest in making your workspace really comfortable. This is simply n investment in yourself as you are obtaining pieces of equipment and tools that will improve your productivity.

Exploit Technology

Modern technology tools and software have made working easier and effective. Instead of meeting clients or partners physically, you can make use of video calling applications to discuss your business without having to be with them physically. There are time management applications, finance managing applications, applications that help you manage your team and a lot of other useful technologies out there.

Take A Break

Most people tend to overwork themselves without realizing it. If you are a professional woman working for yourself, you should get out more often. Schedule timely pauses in between your work to go out. A trick to achieving this could be by arranging a business meeting over coffee for the break period.

Go On Holidays

When last did you go on a vacation? Motherhood and work can be overwhelming that you will have little or no time left to contemplate going on holiday. However, to maintain a healthy work-life balance, book a holiday. Tell your clients and partner in advance. Take a break from the work environs and go on that vacation.

Be Realistic

Set realistic daily and quarterly goals. This can help you fix important issues and help you learn important lessons. Being realistic with your work helps you focus on your strength and helps your business grow.


These are the best ways we think they will help you to achieve and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
What are yours?

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